Football Manager 2017

The most realistic and immersive football management game to date

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Football Manager 2017 is the latest iteration of the popular soccer management simulator.

Football management sims are a weird niche. They're games for fans of soccer, but not for people who want to play actual soccer games. This, instead, has participants deal with trades and acquisitions, as well as human resource matters. You can coach, but you'll never take control of the ball. For some, this is a fantastic genre. If you're in that group, you'll find the 2017 version of Football Manager to be as close to perfect as possible. Everything that was in last year's game is back, with minor changes that make the game better than ever.

The problem that most fans of the series are going to have with this edition is that it doesn't really innovate. If you played the 2016 version of the game, you've pretty much seen everything that's available in the 2017 product. This isn't an issue that new fans are going to notice, but given the niche market, it's a problem that's going to be encountered by the vast majority of the people who pick up the game.

If you like soccer management sims, you'll love Football Manager 2017. It's pretty much at the pinnacle of design by this juncture, and that should remain the case for the foreseeable future. This is a series that has taken the genre about as far as it can go, so jump on while you still can. You'll never find a better management sim than this one, and you'll never find anything closer to being in charge of a real-life soccer team.


  • Great roster depth
  • Strangely life-like
  • Good 3D engine


  • Not much of a change from last year's version

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